Contract Packaging

Supply Chain Efficiency – All Wrapped Up Keystone Processing and Packaging

Three Rivers is not simply a transloader and supplier of bulk materials. We package those materials for our customers, making us an even more integrated piece of their supply chain.

For instance, Three Rivers can load, store, package, and ship your products directly to their final destination. Greater efficiency is hard to imagine, and we can package that efficiency to meet almost any need. That’s why we’ve named this part of our operation “Keystone.”

Don’t think for a minute that we’re just a terminal with a run-of-the-mill bagging machine. We’ve been customizing packaging solutions for our customers for a long time. We buy, modify, and reprogram equipment the way other people customize sports cars. Bags, jugs, and pails – we do it all – exceptionally fast, and exactly to the specifications of our customers.

Keystone’s capabilities are extensive. We can use your own packaging materials, and we can handle most specialized product requirements. Our Controlled Atmosphere Room is designed to minimize moisture in hydroscopic materials (such as salt and calcium). We also specialize in blending both liquid and bagged materials (including fertilizer and salt), creating customized products for our customers on site and with optimal efficiency.

As important as our capabilities is our philosophy. At Three Rivers, we consider ourselves stewards of the environment – so Keystone recycles all the cardboard and plastic used in the packaging processes.

Packages and Sizes for Nearly Any Bulk Product

Call us to discuss your packaging needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list below, it probably just means that no customer has asked for it yet.

  • Bags: 10 to 80 lb.
  • Pails: Up to 50 lb.
  • Jugs: 8, 9.5, 12 lb.