River, Road, and Rail: The Perfect Location for Your Distribution Solution

Drawing on a fleet of more than 200 trucks, Three Rivers is always equipped to provide the right capabilities at the right time. RATS is our own truck brokerage, developed specifically to provide more options, higher quality, and almost infinite capacity to Three Rivers’ customers.

Carefully selected and managed in order to maintain our exceptionally high service standards, RATS is also cost-efficient, because it adds no equipment or inventory costs to our operations – or your bill. Customers also minimize overall transportation miles and dollars by using our drop-ship services to simplify their logistics. With drop-ship, RATS transports your inventory directly from the source to your location, without an intermediate stop at Three Rivers.

RATS TransportWhile bulk product trucking is our bread-and-butter, our versatile capabilities and extensive experience have also made specialized hauling one of our everyday services. From hazardous materials to gigantic pieces of equipment, Three Rivers can put nearly anything on the road – safely, quickly, and efficiently. We can load trucks from barge or rail, and from both indoor and outdoor storage.

Bottom line, RATS is a Three Rivers service that was created to exceed customer needs and that is always evolving alongside those needs. Give us a call, and we’ll develop the optimal trucking solution for your one-time project or your long-term business strategy.